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Libor Závorka

Groupleader SciFish

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Research Interests

I am an aquatic ecologist with a strong background in fish behavior and physiology. My research focuses on how ecological pressures, including climate change and biological invasions, shape the functional phenotypic diversity of aquatic animals. I aim to elucidate the dynamic interactions between the traits of individuals and the functioning of the whole ecosystem. By understanding these processes, my work contributes to the effective conservation and management of aquatic biodiversity.


Ich bin ein aquatischer Ökologe mit einem starken Hintergrund in Fischverhalten und -physiologie. Meine Forschung konzentriert sich darauf, wie ökologische Belastungen, einschließlich des Klimawandels und biologischer Invasionen, die funktionelle phänotypische Vielfalt aquatischer Tiere beeinflussen. Ich strebe danach, die dynamischen Wechselwirkungen zwischen den Merkmalen einzelner Organismen und dem Funktionieren des gesamten Ökosystems zu ergründen. Durch das Verständnis dieser Prozesse trägt meine Arbeit zur effektiven Erhaltung und Verwaltung der aquatischen Biodiversität bei.



2011 - 2015 PhD, Charles University in Prague, Institute for Environmental Studies

2009 - 2011 Master of Science, Charles University in Prague, Department of Ecology


Prior Positions

2019 - 2024 Research Scientist at WasserCluster Lunz, AT, Liptox group

2018 - 2019 Research Affiliate at University of Glasgow, GB, School of Biodiversity, One Health, & Veterinary Medicine

2016 - 2018 Post-doc at Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier: Toulouse, FR, Department of Evolution and Biodiversity

2013 - 2015 visiting PhD student at University of Gothenburg: Gothenburg, SWE, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

2010 - 2013 researcher at T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute: Prague, CZ, Department of Ecological Dynamics


Further Information


https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Libor-Zavorka >


Selected Publications

Wassenaar, L. I., Crespel, A., Barth, J. A., Koeck, B., & Závorka, L. (2024). Non-invasive determination of critical dissolved oxygen thresholds for stress physiology in 

fish using triple-oxygen stable isotopes and aquatic respirometry. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 1-15.

Závorka, L., et al. (2023). The role of vital dietary biomolecules in eco-evo-devo dynamics. Trends in ecology & evolution38(1), 72-84.

Závorka, L., Wallerius, M. L., Kainz, M. J., & Höjesjö, J. (2022). Linking omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in natural diet with brain size of wild consumers. 

Oecologia199(4), 797-807.

Závorka, L., Koeck, B., Armstrong, T. A., Soğanci, M., Crespel, A., & Killen, S. S. (2020). Reduced exploration capacity despite brain volume increase in warm-acclimated common minnow. Journal of Experimental Biology223(11), jeb223453.

Závorka, L., Lassus, R., Britton, J. R., & Cucherousset, J. (2020). Phenotypic responses of invasive species to removals affect ecosystem functioning and restoration. Global Change Biology26(10), 5693-5704.

Závorka, L., et al. (2017). Co‐existence with non‐native brook trout breaks down the integration of phenotypic traits in brown trout parr. Functional Ecology31(8), 1582-1591.

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