WasserCluster Lunz

A biological treasure hunt around Lake Lunz

The “Finding Lunzi” themed trail takes visitors around Lake Lunz on a modern scavenger hunt. A total of 12 bilingual (English and German) signs cover various topics related to water including the global water cycle, groundwater, and how running waters act as a mirror of the surrounding landscape. Other signs present information about the research that is done at the WasserCluster Lunz, an inter-university research facility located by the lake. These signs also discuss aspects of climate change, such as increasing water temperatures in Lake Lunz or greenhouse gas production in our inland waters. There are also signs about the use of inland waters by humans, as well as recommendations for sustainable use of these waters.

The aim of this themed trail is that every participant will finish the scavenger hunt better understanding of our inland waters and their ecology and therefore be motivated to better protect them. In order to motivate people to complete the whole 5 km trail, each information board has an answer a riddle (the questions can be found in a separate folder). Once you have answered all 12 questions and solved a few small arithmetic problems, you will receive the GPS coordinates of Lunzi's hiding place, where you can find a souvenir and enter yourself in the logbook. This outdoor activity is intended to raise public awareness about important topics such as freshwater, climate change, and declining biodiversity in a fun and interactive way.

To make sure you enter the right GPS Symbols in google maps here an example:  41°24'12"N 2°10'26"E

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