WasserCluster Lunz

Research interest

My research interest lies in the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nutrients and heavy metals in fluvial ecosystems. I am particularly interested in (i) how and when these solutes are mobilized from the terrestrial to the aquatic environment and (ii) how they are processed and cycled within the fluvial network. Our recent work covers a broad range of spatio-temporal scales; studies reach from understanding diurnal solute variation in single stream reaches, to studying biofilm growth in experimental flumes as well as to decadal-scale assessments of nutrient and carbon dynamics in fluvial networks.

The ultimate aim of this research is to find parsimonious, process-based model conceptualizations that can be tested as specific hypotheses. If consolidated, they may be used for scaling to spatio-temporal scales where measurements are not feasible. They may also be applied to evaluate risks for the functioning and health of stream ecosystems that originate from anthropogenic perturbations, such as climate and/or land-use change.

Positions and Education

Since 01-2015: Junior Research Group Leader

Since 11-2013: Universitätsassistent, University of Vienna, Austria

2013: PhD in Soil Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umea, Sweden

2008: Diplom (MSc) in Hydrology, University of Freiburg, Germany

More about Jakob Schelker on University of Vienna

Jakob Schelkers publications on google scholar

Selected Publications

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