WasserCluster Lunz

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Weigelhofer

Groupleader FLUVICHEM

07486 20060 40
+43 (676) 4414590
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Research Topics

Effects of multiple stressors (land use, hydrology, climate change) on benthic biogeochemical and microbial processes in streams; resilience and resistance to stressors and restoration, recovery processes; restoration and management of streams and floodplains; nutrient and carbon cycling in streams, extracellular enzymes, DOM quality; hyporheic zone, greenhouse gas emissions; Citizen Science

Professional Experience

Since Feb 2020 - Assistant-Professor at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU);

2017 - 2019 SeniorPost-Doc at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Boku); responsible for leading the working group BIGER at the WasserCluster Lunz

2006 - 2017 Senior PostDoc at WasserCluster Lunz (Working group Thomas Hein): PI or Co-PI in 6 scientific projects, collaborator or project manager in 4 scientific/applied projects, PI in 4 education-cooperation projects (including 1 Citizen Science Project)

2004-2008 PostDoc at the University of Vienna, Dep. of Freshwater Ecology: project manager in 2 long-term scientific projects

2000-2005 Self-employed biologist: PI or Co-PI in 8 scientific/applied projects, scientific collaborator in 3 scientific projects


10.2.2020 Habilitation in Limnology, “Human impacts on nutrient spiraling in riverine systems and implications for the management”, BOKU Vienna

2002 PhD in Limnology, Thesis "The hyporheic zone: A neglected interface in low order sandstone streams", University of Vienna

1993 MSc in Zoology, Thesis "Input of coarse particulate organic matter into low order streams and decomposition of leaf litter", University of Vienna

2006 Additional: Degree in Education for Secondary Modern School (English, Biology); Thesis "Sex education in multi-cultural classes under consideration of Christian and Muslim ethics" (College of Education, Vienna)

Further Information

Profile from Gabriele Weigelhofer on google scholar

Profile from Gabriele Weigelhofer on ORCID

BIGER Working group Website: www.biger-science.group

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