Fabian Hruska (GRG 10, Vienna) has received the "Dr. Hans Riegel Award" for his scholarly paper (Fachbereichsarbeit) about "Methane production of floodplain sediments in the Lobau".

Fabian Hruska is a 13th grade student of the "Laaer Berg Gymnasium GRG 10". For his scholarly paper, he investigated the methane and carbon dioxide emissions of different floodplain sediments in the Lobau near Vienna. The study was conducted at the WasserCluster Lunz within the course of the Sparkling Science project WESPe (financed by the Ministry of Environment). His supervisor at school was Mag.a Veronika Walenta-Draxler.

The ceremony takes splace at the University of Vienna on 21th September 2012.

We congratulate.