Eventful times lie behind us, as the Annual Report 2019/20 of WasserCluster Lunz, which is now available, shows.

What has been going on, you ask? Get an overview and have a look at the WCL Annual Report 2019/20.
You can find it at: http://wcl.ac.at/images/ueberuns/jahresberichte/WCL_Zweijahresbericht_2019_2020_web.pdf

Are you more a fan of analoge reports? No problem - at future events the report will be available for free, also a mailing can be arranged with the secretariat.

Am WasserCluster Lunz suchen wir zum Eintrittsdatum 01.07.2021 eine/n engagierte/n

Karenzvertretung befristet bis 31.08.2022
30 bis 40 Std./Woche

Informationen zu den Aufgabengebieten und Einstellungsvoraussetzungen finden Sie unter:


Bewerbungsfrist: 15.5.2021

On 5.2.2021, NÖ heute will be dedicated to science. Because of this an ORF film team was on site at the WasserCluster Lunz and gained insights into field research in wintry conditions.

Here are the details: ORF2 NÖ heute - 5.2.2021, 19:00

Those who prefer to inform themselves via radio have the opportunity to learn more about water research and the topic of drinking water at the Ö1 Radiokolleg. Here, too, a staff member of WasserCluster Lunz, Gabriele Weigelhofer (WG-Leader BIGER) was interviewed.

Here are the details: Ö1 Radiokolleg - Trinkwasser in Österreich - 1. bis 4.2.2021

In order to promote a professional discourse and to enable interaction between researchers, students and other interested parties, WasserCluster Lunz regularly invites renowned scientists from all over the world to the WCL Seminar Series.

More information on the planned lectures and registration can be found here: http://wcl.ac.at/index.php/en/education/seminar-series

In Summer 2021 it is again possible to be part of the AQUACOSM transnational access. There are two experiments scheduled at WasserCluster Lunz. Find out more on the AQUACOSM Website.

In the Servus TV report "Kampf dem Plastik - Wohin mit dem Müll?" on Thursday, 25.02. from 21:10, renowned scientists and experts from Austria will also have their say. Among them is Martin Kainz (AGL LIPTOX), who reports on his working group's research on plastic-digesting microorganisms.

The ecoplus Young Researchers Calendar is now published for the third time. This colorful calendar presents twelve people who are working at one of the four Lower Austrian Technopol sites. The new 2021 calendar also features Katrin Attermeyer, head of the CARBOCROBE working group. Find out more on the Ecoplus website.

Photo © Michael Liebert

In February 2021 we can congratulate five BSc students on their successful graduation:

- Manuel Gartner, BOKU
- Felix Hofer, BOKU
- Laura-Ainhoa Prischl BOKU
- Georg Rabl, BOKU
- Markus Reymaier, BOKU

All five Bachelor theses were written under the supervision of Gabriele Weigelhofer (AG BIGER).


On Thursday, 17 December 2020 the knowledge magazine "P.M. Wissen" on ServusTV informed about the research activities of WG LIPTOX. More precise, about the FWF project AQUATERR, which investigates the role of aquatic organisms on surrounding terrestrial ecosystems.

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