Dr. Csaba Vad

Guest researchers AQUASCALE

+43 7486 2006084
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Research areas

Zooplankton ecology, community ecology, biodiversity and ecology of lakes and ponds


2014: PhD in environmental sciences, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Thesis: Diel and seasonal patterns of microcrustacean communities in relation to environmental factors in peatland ponds (Turjánvidék, Ócsa, Hungary)

2009: MSc in biology (Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Taxonomy Specialisation), EEötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Selected publications

Vad Cs. F., Péntek A. L., Cozma N. J., Földi A., Tóth A., Tóth B., Böde N. A., Móra A., Ptacnik R., Ács É., Zsuga K., Horváth Zs., 2017. Wartime scars or reservoirs of biodiversity? The value of bomb crater ponds in aquatic conservation. Biological Conservation 209: 253–262.

Horváth, Zs., Vad Cs. F., Tóth A., Zsuga K., Boros E., Vörös L., Ptacnik R., 2014. Opposing patterns of zooplankton diversity and functioning along a natural stress gradient: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Oikos 123: 461 - 471.

Vad Cs. F., Horváth Zs., Kiss K. T., Tóth B., Péntek A. L., Ács É., 2013. Vertical distribution of zooplankton in a shallow peatland pond: The limiting role of dissolved oxygen. Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology 49: 275 - 285.

Horváth Zs., Vad Cs. F., Vörös L., Boros E., 2013. The keystone role of anostracans and microcrustacean zooplankton in European soda pans during the spring migration of waterbirds. Freshwater Biology 430 - 440.

Horváth Zs., Vad Cs. F. & Ptacnik R., 2016. Wind dispersal results in a gradient of dispersal limitation and environmental match among discrete aquatic habitats. Ecography 39: 726–732.