An international group of researchers conducted an experiment on the sound of flowing waters in the Lunzer Rinnen Experimental Flumes in July and August. The experiment investigated whether underwater sound recordings can be used to quantify the gas exchange (oxygen, CO2) of turbulent mountain streams with the atmosphere. The project was funded by the AQUACOSM EU-project and led by Dr. Marcus Klaus, Umeå University, Sweden and the WCL working group EcoCatch.

Photo (from left to right): Marcus Klaus (SE), Gianluca Botter (IT), Filippo Vingiani (IT), Nicola Durighetto (IT), Jakob Schelker (AT), Paul Schwaigerlehner (AT), Gertraud Steniczka (AT), Thierry Labasque (FR) and David Vilbert (FR); Not shown is: Michael Scharner (AT)

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